Welcome Food enthusiasts, Food Vandalism is a website devoted to fast-easy cooking with a twist. All my recipes require 30 minutes or less to prepare and just a couple of utensils I′m sure you have at home.

My name is Celeste, I′m currently living In Amsterdam. I come all the way from Argentina and I′ll be cooking for you from everywhere I travel.

Just to be fair with everyone I′m going to prepare delicious vegan, gluten-free and meat friendly recipes but mostly because I enjoy eating and cooking all kinds of things. I′m also sharing some of my traditional family secrets included in the cookbook I′m currently writing.

Food vandalism promotes a balanced healthy life by eating what makes you feel better and because I do eat a little bit of everything I take much consideration in the products I choose. Knowing from where the free-range animals come from as well as their sub products and vegetables is key. Also I make sure it′s all eco friendly and bio from local farms. For me it’s basic to always eat as many colours as possible, never skip a meal, stay hidrated and cook from scratch with fresh seasonal products.

Follow my delicious journey,


The Food Vandal

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