Autumn Lentils

To me the difference between spring and autumn it´s always... a bowl of lentils! Today´s a bit chilli back home in Amsterdam so I decided to cook for my boyfriend and I a little treat! I love cooking lentils because you can toss on the stove whatever you like and it will only make lentils... Continue Reading →

Ananas to keep to summer alive

Good afternoon! It´s been raining a lot lately here in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) so because today the sun came out to play I decided to bring a little bit of summer back. This is probably the easiest thing to do....EVER and the good thing about this desert is that you can make it for a... Continue Reading →

Sweet home made waffles

Good afternoon everyone! It´s me back again....I know I haven´t wrote in a while but unfortunately I´ve been diagnose with an illness and I´m being treated to get better soon...I´ll tell you more as the days go by... But today is all about waffles! I love this recipe I came up with because it mixes... Continue Reading →

Chicken Fajitas

Happy Sunday to everyone! Finally the sun is shinning bright and warm here in Amsterdam so we are all heading out of the cave, but before doing so first thing´s first: Food Probably one of the most simple things you can prepare to make a fast and delicious brunch. Scrambled eggs coming up next! -For... Continue Reading →

Banana-granola power balls

Good morning everyone! 2 days ago was what europeans nordics call blue monday... I hope you all skipped it, I know I did ; ) . To be honest I′ve been so busy I didn′t remember about it but I recall the day was blue Monday appropiate if we speak weather wise. I′ve bringing... Continue Reading →

Classic Madeleines

Good morning everyone! as you can see I′m trying to catch up with everyone so here I′m leaving you one of the most classic (but yet never boring) madeleine recipe. -Ingredients: 50 g Melted butter 30 g Flour 20 g Almond powder 1 tsp Baking powder 40 g sugar 8 g Vanilla sugar 2 eggs... Continue Reading →

Beef casserole

Good evening readers, I′m not sure if you guys noticed but I haven′t been posting lately. 1st, because I′ve been travelling through beautiful Costa Rica and 2nd because I′ve got horribly sick and just couldn′t bare to look at the bright screen. Now that I′m feeling better I′m back to eating so I′m also back... Continue Reading →

Ravioli: Goat cheese & honey

-For the Ravioli dough: 200g flour tip '00' 200g semolina 4 whole eggs 1/3 tsp sea salt 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil -For the stuffing: 300 gr goat cheese 5 tbsp honey A pinch of sea salt A pinch of pepper 1/2 tsp virgin olive oil Ok, Let′s cook! To make the stuffing simply... Continue Reading →

Delish Oreo-banana sub

Good afternoon foodies! These past days I had too many things on my mind because #HollidaySeason duh...hahah I′m travelling to Costa Rica on Friday and I had lots of things to do before my depart...some Christmas shopping, pet supplies shopping, plus lots of friends meetings and work meetings, packing for my know, the usual... Continue Reading →

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